Period While PregnantPeriod While Pregnant

Can you get your Period While Pregnant?

Having a period while pregnant: Is it possible?

Are you having a period while pregnant? Well you don’t have to worry, that is not the period for sure! Despite the fact that I am no doctor, the reason why I am so sure about this is due to the medical fact that the period and pregnancy cannot happen at the same time, no matter what!

Women have periods when they shed the thickened uterus lining that was being prepared to nourish the embryo, prior to being embedded by the eggs from the ovaries. When you shed the uterine lining it shows that it was not being implanted by the egg and so you cannot be pregnant by any means. On the other hand, if the hormones are released by the body to send messages to keep the lining of the uterus intact in order to enable the embryo to grow, you will not have a period as you will be pregnant. Therefore, you cannot have a period while pregnant.

Period While Pregnant

But I’m sure I’m having a period while pregnant!

There are a few factors that can lead you to feel that you have a period while pregnant however, it is in fact not a period. It is usually referred to as the “implantation bleeding”; a term used to describe the bleeding that occurs when the egg is implanted in the uterus lining. As the uterus lining is rich in blood, when the egg tries to dig into the lining it causes bleeding through the vagina. It is a very common symptom of pregnancy and is assumed as a period by many women. There is a noticeable difference in the blood that flows out of the vagina which can make you differentiate between the two. The implantation bleeding causes the blood to be dark brown in color rather than pure red. Moreover, implantation bleeding occurs a few days before your normal menstrual period cycle and its flow is not heavy like that of a period.

Furthermore, bleeding while you are pregnant is often confused with a “period while pregnant”, but the bleeding is in fact due to the hormonal changes that occur in the body when you get pregnant. Many women experience bleeding during their actual menstrual days which makes them think of it as a period, however it is just caused by the hormonal changes in the early stages of pregnancy. Unlike a period, its flow is very light and it simply ends as the pregnancy proceeds further.

Period While Pregnant

What can I do if it feels like I had period while pregnant?

Nevertheless, if you are in a situation where you feel that you are having a period while pregnant at the same time, you should seek medical guidance. This is because this bleeding can be due to certain mishaps for instance one of the symptoms of miscarriage is bleeding. In that case you will have to seek immediate medical help through your gynecologist. Another reason can be an ectopic pregnancy where the fertilized egg starts to grow at any place outside the uterus. It also causes bleeding from the vagina in a discontinuous way which can be thought of as a period. So the best advice is to get medical help as soon as anything of that kind happens.

Now that you know that there is nothing like having a period while pregnant, all you can do is to get an immediate check up from your gynecologist who can tell you in a much better way if you are facing any complications or if it is just a normal implantation bleeding.

I hope I have made everything clear about the possibility of having your period during pregnancy, but for even more information and tips, feel free to browse other parts of our site!